Funeral Plan Calculator

Buy a plan online today from as little as £14.35 per month*

Our calculator allows you to

    • Select your preferred Funeral Plan
    • Select your preferred monthly payment option
    • Spread the cost of your Funeral Plan, up to 25 years
    • Add a deposit to bring down your monthly payments further

Use our Funeral Plan calculator to find how much you would pay per month for one of our plans. You can select how long you want to take the plan out for and see the difference in monthly payments.

Co-op Funeral Plans start at £2,870, which is just £14.35 a month if you pay for it over 25 years.

*£14.35 per month applies for a Simple Funeral Plan purchased on our website with a £125 online discount. Cost per month doesn’t include any deposit you wish to pay.

Low Cost Monthly Instalments

  • Simply select your plan from the drop down box
  • Enter your date of birth / date of birth of the plan purchaser to display payment options
  • Adjust sliders and select your payment term or monthly payment amount
  • Add a deposit amount where necessary. If you add a deposit it will update your monthly and final payment amounts, however, if you are planning to leave a deposit you will need to contact our Funeral Planning Team

Please Note: The Prices Highlighted In This Calculator Do Not Include The Online Discount. Prices Should Only Be Used As A Guide And May Vary Slightly From The Actual Amount Payable.

Funeral Plan calculator
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Please contact our Funeral Planning team for more information about the best Funeral Plan for you.

0800 234 6401

To purchase a Set Funeral Plan today; click here.

Full details of our Funeral Plan; Terms and Conditions can be found via the link.

We have a useful guide Ways to Pay for a Funeral Plan if you need more information.

Please note: If you require any further information, or you would like to add a deposit when purchasing a plan, please contact our Funeral Planning team on 0800 234 6401 who can advise on payments.